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Hi there and welcome!  We are Santa’s Toy Testers and we’re so excited that you’re here today!!

The Story of Santa’s Toy Testers

Santas Toy Testers
Elf 1 and Elf 2 from SantasToyTesters.com Copyright. Not for use.

I’m Elf 1 and I’m going to tell you the story of how we got started.  Mommy Elf has been a lifestyle blogger ever since I was born…she says blogging helped her adjust to being a stay at home mom when I was born…which is crazy because I was an exciting baby!!  Anyway, Mommy Elf built her website Serendipity and Spice into a full-time business which allowed Daddy Elf to leave his corporate job.


One day Santa contacted Mommy Elf and asked her if I could review a new Thomas the Train toy set to see if it was a good fit for boys my age.  I had so much fun filming that review that I begged Mommy Elf and Daddy Elf to let me do videos ALL THE TIME.  Since Daddy Elf is now working from home he’s able to help with all of my editing needs.

So, Mommy Elf contacted Santa and asked if we could become his toy testers….side note, my Nonni (grandma) is a VERY close friend of Santa’s…so of course, he said “YES!”.  But, he wants me to use something called a stage name and that’s how I became Elf 1 and my little sister became Elf 2.

Since Mommy Elf already knows about the world of social media, SEO, and such she handles all of our social accounts while Elf 2 and I get the fun of checking out the hottest new toys and sharing them with you!

You can find Elf 2 and me over on YouTube sharing videos that include toy unboxings, toy reviews, family adventures, blind bag openings, cooking fun, crafts, slime making, and kid style.

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