Imperial Toy Splat X Smack Shot

If you’re looking for a fun toy that the whole family will love, try the Imperial Toy Splat X Smack Shot. There’s an LED target locator and safe, soft ammo that you launch to it from up to 75 feet away!

All you do is pick which type of ammo you want to use in the slingshot and then use the two hooks to attach it to the mouth-like opening on the slingshot. Aim, and then fire away to hit your target!

Ideally, it’s a toy for kids ages 8 and up, but adults love the toy, too. You get a bright, colorful launcher that propels the ammo (made from a soft, gummy-like substance). You can buy some extra separately if you want to add onto what’s already included in the box.

The ammo has a name – Performance Strike Shotz, and Sticky Strike Shotz, because there are two different kinds. The Splat X Smack Shot has a mouth like a shark, and the LED target locator helps you aim. As soon as you put the ammo into the Smack Shot, the LED activates so you can aim and launch it.

The Performance Strike Shotz go up to 100 feet when you launch them, and they whistle as they fly through the air, too. The Sticky Strike Shotz don’t go as far – just 75 feet – but they stick to hard surfaces and then crawl down slowly.

It comes with batteries and if you keep the box, you can cut out a target on the back to practice with. Because the ammo pieces are soft, no one will hurt during game play, so that takes a load off parents’ minds.

Parents love that this toy helps with a bit of motor skills enhancement, and they appreciate that the slimy feeling ammo doesn’t leave any sort of stain or residue on their walls.

This toy is the perfect combination of a traditional slingshot and those old fashioned sticky hands that we had as a child where we would throw them on the wall and watch them climb down.

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