Smallfoot hit movie theaters on September 28, 2018 and here’s our Smallfoot Movie Review.

Smallfoot Movie Review

Smallfoot Movie Review

The anticipation for the release of Smallfoot has been high in our house!  The kids have been watching the music videos for weeks and they’ve been practicing their “Yeti” moves constantly…if your kids haven’t gotten in the groove yet then just Google “Yeti Dance” and they’ll be mesmerized trying to learn all of the dance steps!

Yesterday we took the kids for a special treat and went to AMC Theaters to see Smallfoot…a movie that was fun for the whole family!

This movie was fantastic because it is as much fun for adults as it is for kids!  The music is amazing and I even caught Daddy Elf bouncing to the beat in his seat.  As a parent I really enjoyed the storyline.  The Yetis are a group of….well yetis…that have been isolated from the rest of the world and have some strange ideas about how the world works.  Through a series of funny events a small group begins to question everything they believe in and realize that learning and questioning things is a good thing.

It teaches that just because things have always been done a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the best way.  I love that the young Yetis, as well as the older generations, learn that knowledge is power and change can be a good thing.

We had a blast watching this movie and I highly recommend it for a fun family day out!

Side Note- If you go to AMC Theaters make sure you get the reclining seats…they’re so comfy and you get to reserve your seats ahead of time so there’s no searching for seats when you get there.  Also, if you go to the first show of the day or on Tuesdays you’ll get discounted pricing to save money.

This review has not been compensated by Smallfoot or AMC Theaters…just sharing our true opinions.

You can watch our video review here:

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