The Learning Journey Code & Learn Toy Review

The Learning Journey Code & Learn Toy Review. Learn why The Learning Journey Code & Learn is a great educational gift for kids this year!

The Learning Journey Code & Learn Toy Review

STEM toys are all the rage and rightfully so…they make learning FUN for kids!  The Learning Journey has always made products that we love!  When the kids were little I searched everywhere for their 4-in-a-box puzzles because the kids adored them and they wouldn’t get frustrated like they would with other puzzles.

So, when I saw that The Learning Journey had come out with a new toy called Code & Learn, I knew we needed to check it out!  At first I thought it was a bit slow and too easy for my kids…but, then we made it into a game and even I  (Mommy Elf) was learning!  It turned into 2 hours of playing, laughing, and trying to guess where the little space ship would land.

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See, this is different than a remote control car because you have to concentrate on programming each step…one wrong or missed instruction will throw your whole sequence off.  Using the remote control, you input the commands and then press the green button to watch it go.  But, pressing the right arrow doesn’t make your space ship go right…it simply makes it turn right and then you have to press the forward button to make it go forward once it has turned.

We loved playing with The Learning Journey Code & Learn toys…it’s available in a Space Ship or Ladybug design.

  • Introduce basic programming – children use the coding card deck and the colored grid to program the fun remote-control space ship to reach the correct destination. This STEM toy encourages the development of programming skills, providing a basic foundation for the more complex computer skills they will learn later.
  • Learn about directions – guiding the space ship teaches children about directions and helps them develop their understanding of how to give and follow instructions.
  • Boost spatial awareness – children can also move the spaceship, and its friendly Alien passenger, freely using the remote control. This boosts their sense of spatial awareness while having fun.
  • Encourage problem-solving skills – working out the correct route to the destination and choosing how to program the space ship to get there makes use of your child’s developing problem-solving skills.
  • Boost self-confidence – learning new skills and using them to achieve a tangible outcome is a fantastic way of boosting a child’s self-confidence. Games that make learning fun take away any of the worry or doubts that can make it difficult for children to approach a new area of development.

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